Sell Student Games – A Multi-Game Event That Shapes Student’s Career Sport

SELL Student Games is a combined sport event, which has been conducted every year since 1923. It welcomes participants from all over the world; nevertheless the participants are only the university or polytechnic students. There are no eligibility criteria to participate in this sport event as long as the participants studying in any university or college. The primary role of this sport event is to encourage students to actively take part in various games that also give them enough confidence to participate in other major events such as Olympics.

There is no specific name for this sport event, and it gets the name in accordance with the hosting country. The name mostly has the same tone of language spoken in respective countries. For example, if the games took place in Estonia, the name would be “Eesti”, as their country’s language is Estonian. Similarly, the name would be “Lietuva” if the hosting country is Lithuania, whose language is Lithuanian. The names are Suomi and Latvija respectively for the countries Finland and Latvia. Mostly, the games hosted in two different destinations among these four countries. So, those countries commonly named as “SELL countries” since they are the organizers.

The first most SELL Student Games conducted at Tartu and Estonia in 1923. It was formed by the student organizations of Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia, in the effect to the establishment of an extensive co-operative management. But these games had only lasted till 1940, and winter games partially ended due to the world-war2 turned into high severity. After the independent of Baltic States in 1997, these games again revitalized in a new trend with an extremely increasing competition & active involvement of students across the world. Now, the games attain its maximum popularity among the students. By totalling with the year 2012, there were 28 SELL Student Games have been lasted since from 1923.

This game event gathers more or less 2000 students in each year. There the participants have a chance to take part in both individual and team events. The individual events include athletics, swimming, judo, orienteering and chess, while the games such as basketball, football, hockey and volleyball included in the team events. However, the players can also participate in tennis, badminton, wrestling, table tennis, gymnastics, etc.

Recently, the 28th SELL games conducted and ended with a beautiful ceremony, in which more than 14 different categories of sport events took place. The hosting country was Finland, and the Aalto University took in-charge of the events with the combined support of Aalto University Student’s Union and City of Espoo student’s organization.

The opening ceremony had various performances such as jazz, circus, magic, traditional speeches, etc. There were mind blowing themes & sound effects decorated the sport event. By taking advantage with the support of homeland, Aalto University students won many gold medals, and they dominated in various game events from beginning to the end. At overall, Lithuanians have performed well than others, and they ruled over the sport event by winning many games. It was about 1600 students participated in athletics itself. The involvement of players & the kind of celebrations shows that the SELL Student Games now become one of the major sport events in the world.

Students from countries all over the world compete. Sports are an important part of college life for students in the United States and thousands of teens gain access to college through a sports scholarship. Students traveling to the SELL Student Games should be protected with travel insurance – likewise, overseas students visiting the US to take part in sporting events should be covered with health insurance for international students while non-student travelers can be covered by the cheap visitor care insurance