University of Tartu won the medal’s table

XXII SELL Games - 2006 finished in Tartu. 1457 athletes from 86 universities representing 18 countries and regions took part in the Games. During three days of competition 97 sets of medals were handed out to the athletes who competed in 13 different sports: basketball, volleyball, mini-football, floorball, athletics, swimming, chess, judo, wrestling, orienteering, urban adventure, group gymnastics and badminton. The first place in the medal’s table went to University of Tartu that won 30 ... [Continue Reading]

SELL Student Games

SELL Student Games is a multi-sport event that is open for all university and college students all over the world. The name of the games are according to the first letters of the hosting countries, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in their respective languages (Finnish: Suomi, Estonian: Eesti, Latvian: Latvija, Lithuanian: Lietuva) The principles of the games are that everyone can participate and therefore the event combines top sports and joyful student event. Nowadays the games gather ... [Continue Reading]


Athletics Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Badminton Basketball Chess Floorball Judo Mini-Football Orienteering Urban Adventure teams Swimming Volleyball Wrestling ... [Continue Reading]

SELL Games

Students and sports belong together! Let the thought of participating in the SELL Games give you another boost of motivation and energy to  follow through winter trainings and compare your performance during the international competition that takes place already next spring in Tartu. I have always considered competing at the SELL games to be important - both while gaining the result of 20m less than that of world's top athletes as well as while breaking my own record and reaching one of the ... [Continue Reading]

The University of Tartu

The University of Tartu (UT) is the oldest and largest university in Estonia founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus II Adolphus. The current number of UT students is 17,500 that makes almost 1/3 of all students in Estonia. The student body includes about 500 international students from around 35 countries. With its 11 faculties, UT is the only classical University in Estonia. UT is also the only university in the Baltics that is a member of the Coimbra group uniting long-standing, ... [Continue Reading]


Tartu is the oldest city in Estonia. It is first mentioned in ancient chronicles in 1030. Its historical names include: Tarbatu, Jurjev, Dorpat. The second largest city in Estonia is situated on the picturesque banks of the river Emajõgi. Thanks to the river and the location at the crossroads of trading routes Tartu was an important Hanseatic town in the 13th-15th centuries linking Western Europe with Novgorod. Unfortunately wars and fires have destroyed medieval Tartu. Tourist attractions of ... [Continue Reading]

A Brief History of the SELL Games

The students of Tartu University grounded their own sports club in 1908. Estonian Academic Sports club joined all Estonian student sportsmen in the young Republic of Estonia. In 1923 first regional student competitions were launched that later became known as the SELL Games (first letters of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the respective languages). In 1923-1940 the SELL Summer Games were held 13, Winter Games (since 1929) 5 and the Chess Tournaments (since 1937) 3 times. The first ... [Continue Reading]

Useful Information

Estonian Academic Sports Federation University of Tartu Information on Estonia Weather in Estonia Travel facts Visa information Flight connections to Estonia, Tallinn    Tallinn ... [Continue Reading]