European University Sports Association

The European University Sports Association hosting the sell student games host more than just the important university games but have very important projects. Some of their projects include:
• Anti-doping Initiative
• Gender equality studies
• European voluntary services
• EUSA Volunteer program
• Photo competition
• Prevention of sexual violence in sports
Anti-doping initiative is to establish the European-wide anti-doping mentality in all university sports, raising awareness on all the levels of complex social environment that surrounds the doping problematic and the implementation of strategies in motivating young people and students to pass on the message of anti-doping.
The gender equality in university sports was set up in 2009 to determine the participation of woman as athletes both nationally and internationally. The roles of woman as leaders within university sports departments and university sports federations and the taking on of projects in the promotion of gender equality throughout all sports sectors.
The European voluntary service is in aid of developing the sense of solidarity amongst the youth in participating in unpaid and non-profit activities abroad. It is stimulating to host volunteers in the head office of university sports, which is beneficial on both sides.
The EUSA volunteer program offers university students a unique opportunity to travel abroad in actively participating in the complete organization of all EUSA events as volunteers. Interested volunteers can register at the online website of EUSA with the deadline as a volunteer being three months before any events. A week after application deadlines volunteers will be notified if applications were successful.
Photo competition encourages students and participants in the university sports student games to take photos and encourage them to send in their 5 best photos taken during an event. Winners of the competition stand a change to win their free participation in the next years EUSA general assembly.
Prevention of sexual violence in sports is to raise awareness in preventing sexualized violence in any level of the European university sports confederation.

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