Sell Student Games Overview

Sell Student Games is open to all colleges and universities world-wide and a multi-sport event and the principle of the student games are an Open University sports event with participation open to all students. Over 200 students usually participate in this university sports and a joyful event with top sports. The various names of games are in accordance to the first letters of the countries hosting the events in their respective languages. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland for example; Lithuanian – Lietuva, Latvian – Latvija, Estonian –Eesti and Finnish – Suomi are the hosting countries and their respective languages.
The student games for 2013 is held in Latvia from May 24 to May 26 and held in the capital, Riga. This university sports originates from Nordic County Student Olympics and is a very extensive university sports event and always staged in one of the four member countries, but open to the world. In the 2013 Sell Students Games students have the opportunity to participate in seventeen different sports, which are: Wrestling, Weightlifting, Volleyball, Track and Field athletics, Table tennis, Swimming, sevens rugby, power lifting, Orienteering, Judo, Frisbee, Seven a side football, Floorball, Chess, Cheerleading, Badminton and Basketball.
The four countries, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland established the student organization in 1923 and this agreement led to the first university sports only for the respective countries. The games lasted until before World War II and the severance of ties between Baltic States. During the period of 1940 and 1997 this organization had no games and respective universities hosted their own individual summer and winter games. When the Baltic States regained independence the tradition was restored in 1997 and eventually in 1998 the Sell Student Games was organized and started and also at that stage set open to any university student around the world.

What’s New

SELL Games

Students and sports belong together! Let the thought of participating in the SELL Games give you another boost of motivation and energy to  follow through winter trainings and compare your performance during the international competition that takes place already next spring in Tartu. I have always considered competing at the SELL games to be important – both while gaining the… Read More

The University of Tartu

The University of Tartu (UT) is the oldest and largest university in Estonia founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus II Adolphus. The current number of UT students is 17,500 that makes almost 1/3 of all students in Estonia. The student body includes about 500 international students from around 35 countries. With its 11 faculties, UT is the only… Read More